Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mommy guilt...yep, it's a choice, too!

Ouch! I know, I know, touchy subject. Every mother experiences it whether you've been a mom for decades, or you're a brand new one. Constantly second-guessing and doubting your decisions because you understand the importance of raising a child. I'm going to share something I've learned about mommy guilt you need to tell it to pack its bag and take a long walk off a short pier as my mother would say. Mommy guilt is just your self-doubt and insecurity rearing its ugly, nasty head! Remember, your kids can smell fear and see it on your face. They're tiny predators waiting for weakness to show in your demeanor, on your face or seep out of your pores, remember they can smell doubt, and bam in for the kill. Your guilt is your weakness. Don't feel it then it doesn't show.
I've spoken to my close friends, my colleagues, and my neighbors for years about mommy guilt. Whether you're an outside of the home working mom or whether you choose to work at home, mommy guilt is always there, lurking behind every corner, waiting patiently to strike. For those working outside of the home, the guilt is multiplied, because sometimes work needs to be a priority over family. My friends who stay at home sometimes feel they aren't contributing enough to the family's welfare. Here's what I say for whatever it's worth. Your children learn what they live. If they see that you are doing everything you can for your family chances are your guilt is yours, not theirs. They only see how hard you're working for your family. You're teaching them valuable lessons about life, priorities, balance, and love. Children are adaptable, and they will adjust to your life and your schedule. It's your fear that allows guilt to fester and poison you and eventually them. So, relax, give yourself a break and know that your children love you whether you work inside, outside or in between side the home. They will survive because you will make sure they survive. That's what we do as parents.

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