Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Choices

It's that time of year! The words that make every mom and dad worldwide cringe, "I'm bored!" Vacation-over, pool-boring, camp-done! What now? Here are some summer choices to fill the doldrums! Enjoy!

1. Tie dye shirts! Really, tie dye just about anything! Set up huge plastic tubs in the backyard, the front yard, the pavement, the front porch or your little space of concrete. Wherever! Here are some great links for your masterpieces! Let the kids have it! Super cool! Great fun!

47 Cool Tie Dye Shirt Patterns | Guide Patterns

2. Make a blob for the backyard. Yes, you read that correctly... a blob. Great for little ones! Watch this crazy dad entertain his kids! Of course, mom is the voice of reason, but it looks like super fun! Just don't do what dad did!

Kent Heartstrings: Backyard Water Park Fun// Sayonara Summer ...

3. Go for a nature walk, collect anything that interests you! Bring your treasures home and make a book!

Nature Dragonfly Craft | Crafts for Kids | PBS Parents

4. Go for a walk at dusk.

Palm Walk at Dusk: Arizona State University | David Paul: Photos ...

5. Make fruit popsicles. Sell them at your lemonade stand! Cut up fruit, get some fruit juice and freeze them in the popsicles molds. This link has great non-toxic popsicle molds

Mahanandi » Strawberry & Mango ~ Popsicles or Icepops

6. Paint ceramics! I can't do enough of this! It's so relaxing.

Ceramic Cafe Kansas City | Paint your own pottery and glass fusing ...


7. Henna tattoos! My girls can't do this enough! Patterns Premixed paste or you can mix your own. Take a drive to your local organic health store, pick out your henna, mix it up, and place it an applicator with a pointed tip!
40 Delicate Henna Tattoo Designs - Sortra

8. If Henna isn't your thing try temporary tattoos with watercolor crayons!

9. Build a fort in the living room on a rainy day then make a slide with cardboard boxes and cover the stairs!
5 Ways To Take A Non-Voyage      The Contemplative Creative: Cardboard Slide for lego ramp | Kids ...

10. Camp in your own backyard! Best ever!

Little backyard campsite | Glamping | Pinterest

Here's to your summer choices! Have fun!

School is Almost Out & Summer's Coming Fast. How to Keep Those ...

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