Monday, August 28, 2017

Some weeks are better than others!

That is certainly true last week. I did not do very well with my food choices and exercising. I did exercise but only for two days. Today is the start of a new work week and I am off to a good start! In spite of last week's poor food choices, I did get a lot of writing done and book number three is finished! I am super excited about that! This week's goal is to build my newsletter and get my ARCs out!

Day 35, Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today I ran and walked.

B: 2 cups of coffee with coconut oil
L: 3 scrambled eggs with avocado
D: Skipped

Day 36, Wednesday, August 23, 2017

B: 2 cups of coffee with coconut oil I've noticed that I really do feel full with the coconut oil and eating more fat less starch.
L: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich This is where the emotional eating comes into play when the stress rises. I need ways to manage my stress better! The PB & J was always a great comfort except I'm not 22 anymore and a size 4 and eat that sandwich and get away with it. LOL!
D: Ugh, I know. This is so bad. I had a second PB&J for dinner. Everyone in the house was either working or keeping up with their social calendar and I just got lazy! Boo.

Day 37, Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today I ran and walked.

B: Oatmeal and coffee
L: Chicken salad sandwich. The sandwiches are putting me under!
D: Skipped Everyone was out again and when it's just me in the house it needs to get a little harder to cook only for myself. Definitely, need to change that.

Day 38, Friday, August 25, 2017

I'm not even going to write everything I ate today and drank. It is my cheat day, however, I've been cheating a bit all week.

Day 39, Saturday, August 26, 2017

Really starting to feel the effects of not eating well and how the craving for sweets and bread has increased not that I started eating a little more bread this week. That DEFINITELY needs to stop. It is hard in the beginning eliminating bread and sugar. My body was screaming. But it does level out. The trick for me is to not introduce back in. My body is extremely sensitive to it and then it craves it even more with a vengeance.

Day 40,. Sunday, August 27, 2017

Yesterday was really horrible. Three pancakes and three cookies after dinner! Still eating my stress.

Day 41, Monday, August 28, 2017

B: Tea today with coconut oil

I did run today too. In the beginning, my body is screaming, "What are you doing to me?" Slowly, it levels out and my breathing lengthens.

Here's to a great week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget let me know how you're doing too!

I also have an excerpt for my new paranormal romance I have been working on as well as revamping Choices. I would be honored if you would like to read it and leave your thoughts.

Thanks, again.



Dr. Alec Easton was hot. And despite having the motherhumper of all headaches, pissing him off thoroughly, he dug harder. Chipping away at the bone dry dust, hoping he’d uncover his treasure so he could beat feet off the desert whose dust caked his throat, eyes and nose. The whispers in his head, always loudest on site, grew in urgency, repeating the same sound over and over again… raaaaa. The chanting nearly made him insane with the desire to chop his head clean off his shoulders. Instead, he worked harder, dug deeper. The deeper he dug the more agitating the whispers became, turning into harsh voices calling to him, encouraging him to go further, deeper…raaaaa.
He lifted the canteen to his parched lips, took a swallow, and wiped his brow. His amber eyes rolled over the wavy horizon, the thirsty landscape—dry and scorched like his throat. The blistering heat undulating in the air, bounced off the sand and pushed back toward the sun in steamy waves above the horizon. The searing sun at the excavation sites sucked moisture from every living thing under it, making the Sun God, Aten, very proud. No shade. No relief. But it never stopped him from coming. It never stopped him from digging. And it did little to quiet the voices ever present in his head.
The pyramids called to him even as a little boy. Studying ancient Egypt in grade school, he worked the system like a boss, never needing to crack a book, barely researching his papers for the University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in archaeology. People thought him to be a genius. Ending up in Middle Egypt, with the heat pounding his head and burning his skin, raised doubts about his genius status but fueled his quest.
Penn’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology needed a few more pieces for their vast, world renown Egyptian artifacts collection. He wanted answers. The voices encouraged—no insisted—he come to Egypt, to this site. As a boy, they were mild, soft whispers of thought through his mind…raaaaa. They never frightened him, only enticed and intrigued. Never abandoning him, the whispers let him know, expanding his horizons beyond Philadelphia, Pennsylvania held promises of spectacular adventures. The older he became, the more readily and easily the whispers grew into solid ideas. Then, ideas became plans. Plans turned into a life digging in the dirt in Egypt.
“Yo, man! You gonna stand there all day looking pretty? Or are you gonna get your ass back to work?”
Alec shot a glare over his shoulder. “You think I’m pretty? I never knew you played for my team. Ava’s not gonna like that.”
“Ava knows damn well whose team I like to play with. And fuck no, I don’t think you’re pretty. I think you’re lazy.” The other tall man grunted. Sweat gluing his bandana to his forehead and dripping off his head, Jax Armstrong stood as tall as Alec, maybe a few inches taller. Where the sun burnt Alec’s skin to a crispy texture, it bronzed Jax’s to perfection. “My balls are breaking.” Jax grunted harder. “Give me a hand with this.”
“But you just said…”
“Alec, what the hell?” Angry, Jax dropped the lever he’d been using to pry away the covering of the tomb used to protect it from flood waters and pointed at his very best friend in the whole world. “You said you wanted to go home. Well, you can’t do that until we roll this…” He pointed to the rock. “…boulder back, asshat. Or did you forget that standing out here, working on your tan? Which by the way, I’ll never understand why a ginger wants to be out in the Egyptian sun? You’re frying. Did you put sunscreen on?”
Alec smiled. His best friend had the biggest heart of anyone he ever knew. He was right up there with his mom, or at least what he remembered of her from the stories Gedo told him. Gedo’s daughter, Dr. Alison Easton, a world famous Egyptian Archaeologist, split after he and his twin were born. “You know I’d laugh at that, if I didn’t already know you were serious. Frigging mother hen,” Alec said.
“Laugh away, but I’ll be the one laughing when I get to go out and bag some hot Egyptian babe, leaving your sorry, sunburnt ass crying in a tub of milk.” Jax grunted again, bending to pick up the lever he dropped.
“In all the years we’ve been digging in this dirt, when the hell has that ever happened?” Alec took his Patagonia Tenpenny hat off, the sun highlighting the auburn in his copper streaked hair. He wiped his brow, then readjusted his favorite hat over his thick locks. “But it does create an interesting image.”
“How’s that?” Jax asked while grunting and throwing more sculpted shoulder into the rock.
“Ava wiping the floor with your ass.” Alec laughed, holding his stomach.
Jax threw the lever down. The veins bulging in his neck enhanced the threat in his words. “What did I say about Ava.”
“Ah, that she’s the most wonderful woman I ever met, and I’m an idiot for not being able to commit to her,” the soft female voice said. Ava, Alec’s twin, walked out from behind the tomb. Cool and smooth as pure vanilla ice cream, she would never let Jax see her sweat. Ever. But she sure as shit made him sweat. Wrapped in a long sleeved, UVA, UVB t-shirt, her glorious long auburn curls locked tight under her own Patagonia hat, her sleek legs covered in khaki did little to hid the slim-thick curves she had going on—everywhere.
Stifling another bout of laughter, Alec walked toward his dark haired friend. “Such a crybaby. Here,” Alec proffered. He bent and picked up another lever, shoving it behind the boulder. Jax stood behind Alec. Ava stood behind Jax.
“Back up. Go sit down,” Jax demanded.
“Like hell,” she tossed back.
“Why does everything always have to be an argument with you. Jesus.” Jax turned and slowly pushed Ava away. “You’ll get your pretty little self hurt. Now do what I said and back…” He swatted her ass.
“Uh, that’s not gonna be good,” Alec mumbled.
“…the hell up.” Jax shoved her against a crumbling pyramid.

“I said, hell no.” She bent her elbows, lifted her forearms and slammed them down over his. “Someone needs to keep an eye on you two buffoons. Remember last year’s dig?” 

Monday, August 21, 2017

A week at a glance

Hey Happy Monday!

Instead of typing small blog posts every day I decided to post a week at a glance for anyone interested in checking in and following up. I will say this week was especially challenging both personally and professionally. Teenagers are hard, doubt is even harder and setbacks teach you how to rise above the resistance!

I'm picking up where I left off last week!

Day 28, Tuesday August 15, 2017

B: 2 scrambled eggs with avocado, 2 cups of coffee with coconut oil
L: I skipped lunch...really focused on editing
D: Chicken Cobb Salad with olive oil

150 oz of water

Rewrites are going well even though they are harder than I anticipated. That's okay. As long as there is movement everything is going to work out! Lots of doctors appointments getting kids ready for school and honestly, feeling a bit discouraged about the running so I walked today.

Day 29, Wednesday, August 16, 2017

B: Mango Yogurt, 1 cup of coffee with coconut oil
L: Cobb Salad
D: Chicken Cesar Salad

Still rewriting as I wait for edits to come back for Acceptance. I practiced writing a few query letters as well. I'll keep practicing. Lots of self-doubt to power through and know that the fear is powering self-doubt. Walked today too.

Day 30, Thursday, August 17, 2017

B: 2 scrambled eggs, coffee with coconut oil
L: Chinese Chicken Salad
D: Salmon and asparagus

Officially restarted the C25K app. Really bummed but hey I can't keep moving on without hitting the proper goals. I'll only set myself up for further failure. I would never move my K babies up levels if they weren't ready so I shouldn't do it to myself. I need a solid foundation and if I need to stay on day 1 week 1 until I mastered it effing be it. It is what is. I actually did do better than I did the first time around. And I'll stay here until I master it. At least I'm trying, not quitting and moving!

Day 31, Friday, August 18, 2017


B: 2 fried eggs with toast and avocado
L: Salad
D: 2 Fontina/Spinach sausages with sauerkraut and cheese

3 glasses of wine

Walked today and worked on rewrite of Choices

Day 32, Saturday, August 19, 2017

Didn't eat much today and had so much going on my head split into a million pieces and no one told me.

Day 33, Sunday, August 20, 2017

B: Yogurt, 2 cups of coffee with coconut oil
L: I know I know
D: Cobb Salad

We traveled to NY today to watch my middle daughter, Zoe, do her guitar gig with her friend Julia. They play in a band called Solemnis. Julia sings and Zoe plays bass, electric and acoustic guitar. This outing was just the two of them with Julia singing and Zoe playing acoustic guitar. They rocked!

Day 34, Monday August 21, 2017

So here we are back to work on rewriting, editing and writing as I also work on manifesting and working through self-doubt through this awesome course on manifesting with Modern Soul Society with Kayla and Traci. Great, great stuff! I've learned so much in the two weeks I've been attending and can't wait to soak up more!

Have a fantastic week everyone!! Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you next week! Let me know how you're doing!

Monday, August 14, 2017

My summer of choices

About a month ago I went to the doctor and came home in tears. We reviewed my blood work and well, let's just say it wasn't good. Distraught, angry at myself and overwhelmed I reached out to a friend. Usually, I hate asking for help. It grates on me. I think as a mom, a wife and a teacher I put pressure on myself to have all the answers. I like to be independent and I thoroughly enjoy being the one people come to for help. Except on Tuesday, July 18th I needed help.

I called a good friend I met last year. Her stamina and determination inspired me when she told me how she trained herself to be a runner. I texted Jess. My tears of frustration prevented me from calling. She immediately texted me back with articles about running, high protein snacks, how drinking more water boosts your metabolism and the C25K app. Jess offered to be my running guru and coach. She explained how I needed to be accountable for myself again. And that's when it hit me. I had lost my way. In taking care of everyone else's needs I put mine on the back burner. I knew exactly what I needed to do- I just wasn't doing it for myself. I decided right then and there to make my changes, but more importantly to commit.

As our furious texting calmed down I had time to process.

In 2013 I self-published my first book while I was teaching and raising a family. In 2015 I self-published my second book. And I spread myself super thin. I did take a year in 2016 but that was to help my oldest daughter get situated with her homeschooling and college life. Now, It was time to talk to my husband, seriously talk to my husband. I was experiencing high burn out teaching and frustration with my current administration who were more concerned about making a buck than inspiring and teaching children in the impoverished, urban setting where I worked. So for the second time, I choose to walk away from teaching. I miss the women and men I worked with. They are truly some of the most amazing, inspiring, devoted, dedicated people I ever met. And they were the reason I chose to go back the beginning of 2016's school year, but when my new contract popped up in my email, I cried. I cried so hard I barely managed to get the words out to my husband. God bless his soul he simply said, "Come home. We'll talk about it. We'll figure it out. Just come home." Teaching, which I loved with all my heart, took a toll on my health and my family.

This is where my choice begins. I am setting an intention and manifesting my dream. I am aware I am able to do this with the mega support and love of my husband and family, along with the relationship I have cultivated with the Lord through prayer and service, but I also need to acknowledge myself for taking a risk, for listening to my intuition and trusting in the Lord that I am on the right path even if it is going to be a difficult one. I am sending it out to the universe that this is what I want - I want to write. I want to write so well it supports my family. I want to help others in the process as I sort my own process. As I shape my body, whittle away the weight weighing me down, I will shape myself as a writer as I claim my dream. This will be the hardest work I've ever done. And I am so grateful for the people I've met along the way and look forward to meeting more as I grow as a writer and a runner. This is my choice. I'm terrified. I'm excited.

And so it begins...

My friend Jess suggested I hold myself accountable through social media. Maybe if I posted it online I'll generate some support, suggestions or maybe my story might actually help someone else-another huge part of my dream. So here goes. I will be posting small, little blurbs about my running, writing and what I ate for the day. If you would like to comment on anything, telling me I'm slacking, or I ate the wrong thing, or my running shoes are wrong, or you just want to remind me to not quit, please, please tell me! Positive or negative! I welcome all feedback!

I'm actually a month into it. Here it is from the beginning.

Day 1 Wednesday, July 19, 2017

B: Yogurt, granola, mango, coffee with coconut oil. This is great! I found out about adding coconut oil to my coffee a year ago on Pinterest. I mix it in my NutriBullet.
L: Tuna with guacamole
D: Grilled chicken and asparagus

Today was the first day on the C25K app. I sucked! My head hurts. Not drinking enough water. Guru Jess says 100 oz a day!

Day 2 Thursday, July 20, 2017

B: 1 Blueberry Pancake, coffee
L: Tuna, black beans, chick peas, avocado
D: Grilled steak and salad with feta

The headache is really bad. My thighs and my sides are so achy, but shit, I did something! The headache sucks and makes my brain put the brakes on motivation as a self-preservation technique I need to ignore. I get it, but I can't let it rule me. The same way I can't let Fibromyalgia rule me too. Not drinking enough water!!

Day 3 Friday, July 21, 2017

B: Oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter and blueberries, coffee
L: Tuna avocado, black beans, and chick peas
D: Chicken Asian Salad

Still not drinking enough water. Have to get on the ball with this!

Day 4 Saturday, July 22, 2017

B: 2 over easy eggs, whole grain seeded bread (really dark my favorite)
L: Cucumbers and hummus
D: Chicken and asparagus

Had to rest today. Shins and thighs really sore and Guru Jess told me not to push. LOL, I'm okay with that! Getting about 120 oz of water!

Day 5 Sunday, July 23, 2017

B: Yogurt, coffee
L: Skipped lunch getting ready for MIL's B-day party
D: Salmon and squash bake

UGH!! My favorite COSTCO birthday cake! Guru Jess said one little piece and begin thinking about a cheat day. Still super sore. Guru Jess says don't push.

Day 6 Monday, July 24, 2017

B: Yogurt with blueberries and coffee
L: Zucchini/Squash bake
D: Steak salad

Working on finishing my edits for my third book Acceptance and had a fantastic meeting with my pastor at my church, Eric. I explained to him all the great things the Lord is doing in my life right now! We prayed and something definitely shifted.

Day 7 Tuesday, July 25, 2017

B: Oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter and blueberries.
L: Zucchini/Squash bake
D: Chicken and broccoli saute

Guru Jess says I need to drink at least 45 oz of water before I run and I am and my headache is non-existent. Running up to 60 seconds straight now! WOOHOO!! Damn, it's hard. More blood work tomorrow. I applied to work at Costco part time. It's official. I'm calling myself a writer!

Day 8 Wednesday, July 26, 2017

B: 2 over easy eggs, with avocado and toast
L: Chicken Ceasar Salad and a piece of watermelon
D: Got a little overwhelmed and had the same thing as lunch

Had my blood drawn and the technician who came to my house to do it said I STILL wasn't drinking enough water because I was an extremely hard stick! I need 200 oz of water, based on weight and the increase in exercise. UGH!

Day 9 Thursday, July 27, 2017

B: Yogurt, oatmeal, blueberry coffee
L: Chicken salad
D: Steak and salad

Getting closer to finishing edits on Acceptance and getting ready to hand it off the wonderful proofreader I found, Emerald!! My shins are screaming. My achy thighs adjusted quickly and my headache situation is resolved, but oh, my shins! C25K is up to 90 seconds of running and I'll admit I'm struggling! Sheesh!

Day 10 Friday, July 28, 2017

B: 2 scrambled eggs
L: Bean salad, hummus, and cucumbers
D: It's Friday I had one big girl drink at dinner with my sexy other half paired with a bowl of French Onion Soup and Ceaser salad with grilled shrimp.

Worked super hard on editing Acceptance and fixing some things that just irritated the piss out of me! Getting my 200 oz in!! Whoop! Whoop! Setting the goal to rework and revamp my first book Choices since I have learned so much from 2013 up to now!

Day 11 Saturday, July 29, 2017

BEST RUNNING DAY YET!! So flipping proud of myself! Oh, it was glorious!
I feel so positive, so energized and so supported. I don't want this feeling to ever end!

B: 2 scrambled eggs, toast, avocado, and coffee the start of my 200 oz drinking goal
L:  Chicken salad
D: Chinese chicken salad

Worked super super hard on edits on Chp 17. Have to meet my deadline for Emerald!

Day 12 Sunday, July 30, 2017

BEACH DAY! No run! Nowhere near ready to do my pathetic walk/run. I would scare people!

B: Scrambled eggs coffee
L: Kale/Quinoa Salad
D: 1/2 pb&j I know I know don't judge I was super tired after driving home from the shore

Day 13 Monday, July 31, 2017

B: 2 scrambled eggs, coffee
L: 1/2 pb&j I know I got a taste for it and well, shit what can I say I'm weak!
D: Salmon and bean salad

Worked on Acceptance, thinking about Choices. Guru Jess wants me to run a 5K. OHHHH!!! SOOOO not ready for that!

Day 14 Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Holy shit! It's August! Seriously??

B: Eggs with broccoli, cheese and two spears of pineapple
L: Tuna with avocado
D: I skipped not hungry

Let's get Acceptance done, girl!!

Day 15 Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Getting at least 150 oz of water in! YAY! The headache is gone now!

B: Oatmeal, yogurt, blueberries, coffee
L: Soup
D: Chinese Chicken Salad

Not a good running day. I just can't believe how badly my shins hurt. My SIL suggested a running store where they observe your gait and help you pick the right shoes. Definitely on my to do list. On a positive note, I handed Acceptance over to Emerald. Super excited for that. She's enjoying it so far! Getting a little discouraged with the app. Can't make or break the 90 seconds.

Day 16 Thursday, August 3, 2017

B: Yogurt parfait. A little more than what I normally eat. It was for my husband but he left it in the fridge so I ate it! Hey, he's gonna be gone for a few days!
L: Chinese chicken salad. I'm really digging this!
D: Skipped not hungry

Have to rest today. Super sore shins. Began my rereads and rewrites for Choices!

Day 17 Friday, August 4, 2017

Okay, so Friday is my cheat day! Don't judge!

B: 2 scrambled eggs
L: Chinese Chicken Salad
D: 2 Hot dogs with LOTS and LOTS of sauerkraut! LOVE sauerkraut. My mouth is watering just typing this!

And three glasses of wine! Hey, we celebrated. It was the first time we were alone in our own home since well, shit I can't even remember! Rewrites going well, but the running is getting harder. I have to talk to Guru Jess and I'm trying not to cry and quit!

Day 18 Saturday, August 5, 2017

Running but not meeting the 90 sec mark. And each day now the app gets harder. I talked to Guru Jess and she suggests I either start over or just time myself to run for 90 sec. Oh, and I HATE blisters! With a passion!

B: Oatmeal, yogurt, blueberries
L: Hummus and cucumbers
D: Chicken and salad

No added sugar for 18 days now!

Day 19 Sunday, August 6, 2017

B: 2 scrambled eggs and toast coffee
L: Skipped I know I know
D: 2 slices of veggie pizza

Running is tougher and tougher. The app is up to 3 min walk 3 min run. I really think I need to start over and not beat myself up.

Day 20 Monday, August 7, 2017

B: Oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries, coffee
L: Egg salad with cucumber
D: Chinese Chicken Salad

Ready to run but it's pouring. Consider it, but change my mind and sit down at the computer. Lots of rewrites today and things are going well! I have a zillion marketing questions and I need to get in touch with my local Indie Author Guru, that's Guru Stacy! I signed up for a free manifesting course with Kayla and Traci through Modern Soul Society. Oh, such great stuff! I'm stoked!!

Day 21 Tuesday, August 8, 2017

B: 2 cups of coffee Found the Ketogenic diet giving some of it a try
L: 1/2 cup of soup 1/2 a salad
D: Garden Burger Salad

Met with my self-publishing master, Guru Stacy! She is fricking amazing with over thirty self-published titles. Gosh, she got such great advice, but my head swims and I tell myself I'll get there! I'll get there!! I have re-started the app. BOOOO!!!! But hey it is what it is!

Day 22 Wednesday, August 9, 2017

B:2 cups of coffee
L: 3 scrambled eggs and avocado
D: Salmon and asparagus

Pissed. Didn't run. Frustrated with me.

Day 23 Thursday, August 10, 2017

B: 2 Cups of coffee
L: 3 scrambled eggs and avocado
D: Chicken stir fry

Working on rewrites and feeling lots of energy from my new outlook. But still, not making as much progress running.

Day 24 Friday, August 11, 2017

B: 2 Cups of coffee
L: Steak salad
D: Veggie Burger

Rewrites, rewrites, rewrites, running, running, running and feeling like I'm getting nowhere with my running. Trying not to get discouraged!

Day 25 Saturday, August 12, 2017

B: 2 cups of coffee
L: Tuna with avocado and black beans and coconut oil
D: Salmon and asparagus

Had to work a bit on my newest book, Eye of Horus. Can't wait to really dive into this one! I gotta work when the characters talk to me! No run. Kinda mad at myself

Day 26 Sunday, August 13, 2017

B: Oatmeal and 2 cups of coffee
L: Hummus, red pepper and cucumber
D: pork, asparagus, and yes, I had a bit of pasta salad and damn did my stomach freak the flip out!

No run today either, but flying through rewrites and looking for a part time job.

Day 27 Monday, August 14, 2017

B: 2 cups of coffee with coconut oil
L: 3 scrambled eggs
D: Chicken stir fry

Working hard on my rewrites and mustering up the courage to type all this up!!

Well, this is it so far! Thanks for reading till the end. Don't forget to share your story or just pop in and say hi!

Thanks for the love!