Monday, September 18, 2017

Acceptance is on sale!

Wishing everyone an awesome week!

Acceptance is still $.99 for a limited time!

Get your copy today before Acceptance returns to its regular price.

Acceptance is written as a standalone if you want to jump right in!

Thanks to The Book Nymph and everyone participating in The Choices Series promotions for all the Choices, Forgiveness, Acceptance love! 😘😍

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Peace be with you

My heart and prayers are in Florida today as it has been over the entire weekend. My immediate family evacuated last Monday and I am extremely grateful as I know they are as well. I am still waiting to hear about other family members and very close friends. I feel incredibly helpless, but I know in times of need and distress the best response for me is prayer. It alleviates the feeling of helplessness and helps me feel productive. Oh, the clean will be painstakingly difficult, but with prayer, fortitude and a lot of hard work Florida will return even stronger than before.

If you have family and friends in Florida you are in my thoughts and prayers today. If you're waiting to hear from friends and family I will pray even harder for you today that you hear from them soon!

God bless.
God speed.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Thank you so much for the Acceptance shares and likes!


As a thank you for your support and to celebrate the release of Acceptance I am offering a GIVEAWAY!! 
Two lucky winners will receive this beautiful perfectly imperfect necklace symbolizing the theme of my latest book, Acceptance.

To enter the giveaway log onto FB and:
1. Like this post and share it!
3.Be the writer of one of the first two reviews posted on Amazon (ebook and paperback) by September 12, 2017! Here's the link to the ebook and the paperback

Love, pure and simple, is the greatest form of Acceptance!

Thanks for your love and support!