Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review for Only Human by JD Estrada

Rollicking adventure with imaginative characters…

JD Estrada’s Only Human is just that and so much more. Only Human is a crafty, intelligent, thought-provoking story revolving around intense characters racing toward the heart of humanity. The vampires held me captive until JD crafted multiple fascinating worlds to explore adding layer upon layer of long forgotten legends.

There’s nothing I love more than to sink my teeth into a story that allows me to think about the meaning and purpose of life. With JD’s feral and touching characters, you get to explore humanity in many facets learning about times past and present questioning the purpose and balance of each.

 As one man’s quest for truth and understanding collide against his humanity, his fears aren’t far from your own. Well-researched, filled with tension and suspense, absorbing characters that leave you with more questions eagerly anticipating book number two. Great read!

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