Sunday, June 22, 2014

Writer's block and deserts

     When the flow of words dries up like a desert, and the oasis behaves like an uncooperative two-year old, I find it’s time to re-connect with my biggest blessing, my family. Writer’s block, for me, occurs when I feel disconnected to my family. To alleviate the blockage I make sure to check in with my biggest blessing, my husband, and then #1, #2, and #3, the dog, and even the fish. Once I’ve greeted everyone home from school, made everyone’s favorite after school snack, lovingly barked out orders for chores, greeted husband home from work, made our family favorite of London broil with my special marinade handed-down from my mother, my characters begin to talk to me again.
     Knowing what blocks you in the first place is the first step for prevention. Once you know your triggers, you can be proactive with your writing.
     I would love to know what you do to burrow through your writer’s block. Leave a comment below. I’m going to a barbeque with my family.


  1. Fascinating idea, I'm often working on multiple projects at the same time because that's how I keep from writer's block. Some stories have been lingering for a while, though I'm always writing. Be it poetry, material for the blog, the sequel to my first novel, a fantasy book I'm working on or various compilations and stories, I always have something in the backburner because my mind can be capricious though it's rarely not writing and I just work with it to keep it so. As for inspiration, notes, miscellaneous info and just reading often triggers my inspiration for stories, novels, etc. Interacting with people of all sorts inspires my blog and living life inspire my poetry. :)

    Cheers and here's to always flowing

  2. JD, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I, too, have multiple projects occurring simultaneously, but I find connecting with my family helps jump start my writing. Thanks again for stopping and adding your thoughts. I'm very grateful to have them posted on my blog.