Monday, June 30, 2014

Courage + Choice = Inspiration

Family is the foundation of the individual. Sometimes, that foundation is built upon a faulty blueprint. Sometimes, that imperfect blueprint leads a family down a path of sorrow. Not one family has a flawless blueprint, and mine is no different. Blueprints are genetic; choice is learned and managed on a daily basis. Choice is courageous and profoundly courageous when the blueprint is flawed.
I’ve been blessed to know some amazing people related to me through blood and friendship. The power of their choice to live a healthy, productive life despite a blueprint that has them wired for despair and destruction is impressive and inspiring. I’ve seen my loved ones struggle. I’ve seen their despair. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to witness a loved one’s damaged blueprint take control. Yet, there’s something about the human spirit that’s stronger than the broken blueprint. It’s courage. I’ve witnessed their transformations based simply on the choice to be courageous and live a better life. Their courage, their choice, to live, to be positive is nothing short of a miracle. I’m honored to call them family. I’m honored to bear witness to their choice. Making a choice to live a better life is courageous and infectious. It’s their choice that inspires me to write.

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