Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writing what you know...

Every writing teacher I ever had always spouted these words of wisdom. It doesn't necessarily mean that art always imitates life. It just means the writer felt inspired to write about something deeply heartfelt and not significantly their own story. I've lived for more than a couple decades and I've taught for just about as long. I've met a lot of interesting, hard working, great people. I've absorbed life and now I'm sifting it through the grey matter grinder and creating a story, a story I hope resonates with people. I love to write stories about the choices that people have in their lives and the profound influences that directly correlate to those choices. You have to ride the roller coaster called life, but it's up to you if you chose to wear the harness that goes with it. That's what I like to write about, the choice, and the consequences that stem from that choice.

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